Posted by: Harold Knight | 05/30/2011

Sometimes I simply have to write

Memorial to what I want to ask because it seems we should

call it sacrificial lambs day because whatever the brave men

and women living and dead who struggled and are struggling

here there and everywhere for seems not to have done anyone

much good. And the US is drifting closer and closer to anarchy

which will have to be overcome by something that will look

very much like fascism because there is no clear and present

danger left to our country except ourselves and the will of the

people for which the people have abdicated responsibility in

order to be safe and to have all the toys and iPhones possible.

The schools in Texas are about to be gutted by politicians who

do not see the widening gap between literacy and functional

illiteracy in this country as a problem and so in Texas they do

not think the crisis in funding of education is a “rainy day” so

we cannot touch the “rainy day fund” of billions and must

instead balance the budget on the backs of the school children

around the state, both the white kids in Plano and the brown

kids in Dallas. And Benyamin Netanyahu spits in the face of the

President of the United States and the Congress give him high

school football hero’s welcome and jump up and down cheering

as in a pep rally and the only thing missing is the pom pom

girls and the frat boys drinking beer. And the United States is

bogged down in at least two wars that will never end simply

because the fossil fuel industry has this country in a choke hold

that we cannot get out of and the people don’t see that we are

being held captive to the richest people in the society almost all

of whose real wealth is in some way tied to petroleum and we

think we are making some kind of choice have some kind of

freedom to drive our cars or not drive our cars because this is

after all a democracy but anyone who knows what a democracy

or even a republic is knows full well we live in a oligarchy and

the oligarchs are the monied class who do such things as gut the

public schools of Texas and destroy the working class of

Wisconsin and destroy Medicare all in the name of some pseudo

libertarianism that is really religious repression and racist power.

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things honest,

whatsoever things just, whatsoever things pure, whatsoever

things lovely, whatsoever things of good report; if there be any

virtue, and if there be any praise we have no clue how to think

on any of these things because we live in the constant haze of

a hangover brought on by our slurping down the wine of capital

and the drugs of electronic gadgets which of course is necessary

for me to rant and we have absolutely no ability to think any

farther than our own pleasure our own “communications” our

own homeland security and those things that are true honest

just pure lovely of good report or virtue or praise we can’t be

bothered with because someone is texting us the scores of the

Mavericks game and the description of the wedding dress Mrs

Romo wore and the winners of dancing with the stars. We don’t

even have soldier boys and girls anymore we have people who

we pay to take our place in those wars all over the place and the

only thing that would make us remember is if we started drafting

our young men and women to troop over to the rich oil lands

and fight for what we think is rightfully ours from the foundation

of the world. Then we would have something worth a day of

memorializing because we would have sacrificed something to

get what we want and in so doing we might actually learn the

truth that whoever will save his life shall lose it applies to

nations as well as to persons.


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