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An American Tragedy – not about Theodore Dreiser

My super-short analysis of the mystifying and troubling state of our political life.
More important, a short bibliography of helpful and supporting articles (available online, from academic databases and websites).

"Let them eat - well, You Know"

"Let them eat - well, You Know"

The people in this country who have the most to lose (everything) from the tightening of the grip of the obscenely wealthy on our politics are the very people who are chomping at the bit to let the obscenely wealthy have everything (1).

The “conservative” (read: greedy) wealthy and wannabe wealthy have succeeded in mixing the fundamentalist Christians’ anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim beliefs with their own elitist and anti-democracy economic ideas (as was their stated goal). The fundamentalist Christians have been duped into thinking that whatever a person who is anti-abortion says about the economy must be right simply because she is against abortion. (2) [an extremely important article]

The “social conservative” agenda of hardworking lower middle class Americans (3) has been hijacked by the wealthiest and most powerful Americans to serve their purpose (4) of controlling and pillaging (5)  the nation until we are bankrupt (6) and enslaved by the tyranny of wealth and privilege. I’d say exactly like France in 1788.

Can’t you just hear Vikram S. Pandit, Lloyd Blankstein or Henry Paulson, saying, LET THEM EAT CAKE!”

See no evil Paulson

See no evil Paulson

Note: (2) is at the top because it is the single most important article here.

(2) Moreton, Bethany. “
Why Is There So Much Sex in Christian Conservatism and Why Do So Few Historians Care Anything about It?” The Journal of Southern Historry LXXV.3 (August 2009).
Available at:  (with http://www before)
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