Posted by: Harold Knight | 01/19/2013


The United States’ support of Israel—as anyone with eyes and ears can plainly tell—has created one of the three or four most oppressive regimes in the world.

If I were being deported and had no choice where I wanted to go, North Korea would be place I would least like to end up. Then perhaps Azerbaijan. Then perhaps Singapore. And so on. But second or third from the top of that list would be Palestine.

Actually, Palestine would be my absolute first choice because—starry–eyed liberal that I am—I would hope to go there at least to be able to observe, if not be a part of, the eventual liberation of the Palestinian people, freed either to create their own state by removing the illegal Israeli settlers from their land, or at long last making Israel into a democracy by attaining full citizenship and immediately becoming the majority in the country where they already live.

I have never used this blog to write about Palestine and my love for that country. This is the beginning of my use of this blog for that purpose. It will take me some time to get materials together to present in logical forms, but I will soon begin. My photographs from my trips to Palestine, for example, are on thumb drives that I will have to find and organize to accompany the postings I will write.

For right now, I simply want to pass on the URL for a video I believe to be one of the most important documents I can share with anyone. It would be my hope that it would go viral – although I know it won’t. It’s about a company that will be airing commercials as a Super Bowl sponsor.

It is grotesque that tens of millions of people will see their commercials and not have a clue that the company is built on land that “settlers” from Israel have taken illegally from Palestine. That tens of millions of people will see the commercials—and be led to believe this is good, wonderful, God-inspired capitalism, that the Israeli’s have made the desert bloom or some such travesty of thought—is depravity. That Americans will rush out to by a product of Occupation, Oppression, and the only Apartheid regime left in the world is grievous beyond words.

So I hope you will watch THIS VIDEO and be prepared to read my forthcoming postings about my experiences in Palestine.



  1. Finally figured out how to see the video – now I’m wondering how I can share it (on FB or otherwise)? I’m an EA, heading over to be part of group 47 in a couple of weeks – you may want to check out my blog!


    • I posted the link on my FB page, Dee. You can simply “share” it from there, if you wish.



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