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A letter from a Jerusalem friend

September 12, 2013

Who are the real criminals?

The Russian initiative to push Syria to place its chemical weapons
under international control, has certainly eased the  tension that was
mounting due to the US threat to strike Syria as a result of its use
of  chemical weapons.  I am sure  there was a sigh of relief amongst
most of the people around the world.sabeel-logo

However I continue to wonder who the real criminals behind those
atrocities are.  The countries which use them, or the  demonic brains
which manufacture them and promote their sale.  If there is a ban on
the use of such weapons, why are they being manufactured in the first
place and shipped to the various regions of the world?  And why are
some countries in the same region allowed to have them whereas
sanctions are imposed on other countries who have them or are trying
to develop them? This double standard is unacceptable.    So the real
criminals are the  monsters who are making money and imposing hegemony
out of the weapon industry, whether  traditional armament, or weapons
of mass destruction.  It would be more appropriate for the UN and the
world leaders to target the source of those weapons instead of the
countries that are used as tools for testing them.

I have had many visits to the hospital this year, and  watched how
technology  has improved the quality of life in the medical field.  So
it is quite ironic that technology is being used to destroy life.
Even the movies that are being shown in every home as well as
children’s games are filled with demonic methods of destruction, and
killings.  Maybe it is high time the international community starts
focusing  on humanity instead of money and vested interests at the
expense of the human being.  Or am I asking for too much?  I am sure
many of you at least of my generation still remember the popular song
“Money is the root of all evil, take it away, take it away,  take it


Samia Khoury


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