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From Samia in Jerusalem – The Human Sandwich

My friend Samia Khoury, a member of St. George Episcopal Cathedral in Jerusalem, sent me the following message today. I met Samia Khoury  by email many years ago. We finally met at the Sabeel Center in Jerusalem in 2008. Samia sends regular email messages to keep her American friends informed about the Situation on the ground  (as the Israeli government likes to say) in Jerusalem and the other Occupied Palestinian Territories. (For another, related but important aspect of the complex, unfathomable relationship among Occupied Palestine, Israel, and nature, see my writing on my other blog.)

Samia wrote today:

The Old City Sandwich
by Samia Khoury
October 16, 2013

No this is not a falafel sandwich or a hummos sandwich. It is a human sandwich.  The title was inspired by the comment of my friend Cedar. I was sharing with her the latest innovative means that the Israeli occupation is resorting to, to make life hell in the Old City of Jerusalem. From day one after the occupation of Jerusalem in  June 1967, Israel has been continuously changing the landscape of Jerusalem. It started with the eviction of all the residents in the Dung Gate area and the demolishing of  their homes. Furthermore, it has been digging under the area, making many building not safe any more. El-Haram El-Charif and the area around it have not been spared this ongoing onslaught.

But you probably have not heard of the new innovative  measure to shield the ugly face of the occupation by gardens. Although this might be part of the “green roof” projects, as a result of growing awareness of the importance of urban re-planning, you can be sure the Palestinians are always on the losing end as far as Israeli projects are concerned.  Surely, the new plan will end up being another means of controlling the roofs and privacy of Palestinian homes.  Have you heard of anything more absurd?  But then all the measures that Israel has taken during those long years of  our dispossession have been absurd, yet they have become a reality to live with.  Until when O Lord, until when??    Now with the settlers in control of what is below and what is above us,  indeed the Palestinian community in the Old City will turn into a human sandwich.



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