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Independence Day Greeting from Samia Khoury

Suha, mother of Mohammed Abu Khudair

Suha, mother of Mohammed Abu Khudair

July 4, 2014

To my American friends: As I send you my warm greetings on the occasion of your independence day, I hope you do not mind that I wonder  whether you are actually more independent than we are. At least we are  aware of the physical  Israeli military occupation while your congress and administration as well as your media are psychologically under Israeli intimidation.

Commenting on the  shooting of teenagers Muhammad Abu Thahr and Naim Nuwara on May 15, 2014  Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director for Human Rights Watch, said: “The willful killing of civilians by Israeli security forces as part of the occupation is a war crime,” Yet those killings and the imprisonment of hundreds without charge or trial continue unabated despite all the concessions that the Palestinian Authority has made for the sake of peace. But it was only when three Israeli settlers were kidnapped and found killed that hell broke loose, as if they are human and we are subhuman. I Just watched the funeral of Mohammad Abu Khdeir from Shufaat, a suburb north of Jerusalem, who was abducted killed and burnt by Israeli settlers. Mohammad also has a family, a bereaved mother and father who are lamenting their great loss. Not only the double standard applies to the living but to the dead as well. However I must admit that Israeli voices have been critical of the way the Israeli government handled the matter as they exposed the agenda of the government which is basically to destroy the reconciliation between Fateh and Hamas. An American friend of mine wrote a couple of days ago:

“Never did I think that I would receive a message from a Jewish organization urging me to write letters to newspapers criticizing Israeli oppression of Palestinians! But that is what JVP is doing” It was actually the JVP who also supported the Presbyterian Church Divestment Vote from three companies that have been benefitting from the occupation of the PalestinianTerritories.
(Jewish Voice for Peace: )

So will Israel heed  those Jewish voices and will it demolish the homes of those who killed Mohammad,   or  will   we continue to watch an era of terror launched by one of the most sophisticated  military forces and the  so called  only democracy in the Middle East supported morally and financially by the US congress and administration? 

Happy 4th of  July.  Samia



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